Fashion Futuring

An award-winning methodology
to spark imagination and a
values-driven transition
towards sustainable futures.

Why Fashion Futuring?
'Our collective existence is directly related to the sustainability of our futuring actions' 
Transitioning to sustainability means abandoning the need to pursue an engineered, controlled, and predictable future. It means embracing the unknowns to propose some seeds for a paradigmatic change.

Transitioning towards sustainable paradigms implies acknowledging that a magic solution is not given, and for this reason, exercising our imaginaries to unfold alternative solutions for current anf future crisis can only result from a consistent effort, persistence, abnegation, and openness to embracing complex ways of thinking. 
What is Fashion Futuring?
Fashion Futuring explores possible relations between objects, fiction, culture, and systems to spark imagination and help fashion stakeholders to envision values to guide them into concrete strategies towards sustainable futures.

It proposes a radical inversion in fashion futures practices, setting back from short-term trends and predictive futures based on economic growth and industrial productivity to embrace a more long-term, values-driven, empathetic, collective, humane, and environmentally conscious position. Fashion Futuring refers to much more than a mere exercise of imagination or co-creation of fictional objects or seductive dystopian/utopian scenarios. Instead, Fashion Futuring summons design imaginaries and all the diverse forms of culture that can be decoded through fictional objects and abstract constructs to identify values to guide us towards liveable and ecological futures. 
The Fashion Futuring toolkit invites fashion stakeholders in different points of the fashion systems to participate in a collaborative imagination.

Ideally, a Fashion Futuring session should reunite people with differing or even conflicting roles and objectives: consumers, designers, manufacturers, textile developers, communicators, strategists, activists and decision-makers can be together to explore more nuanced and intricate future scenarios to envision systemic planning towards change.

Beyond Fashion
Fashion Futuring can be transposed to sectors where consumer goods follow a fashion-as-change logic - such as furniture, home utensils, vehicles, and electronics. 

Fashion Futuring is thus an open invitation to stakeholders, practitioners and researchers to hack, adapt and test its tools and strategies to expand it into further tactics towards values-driven sustainable futures.

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